The Blockchain Network

The Blockchain enabling the cheapest money transfers for everyone.

The one new technology for money transfers


More than 20 inter-connected cryptocurrency exchanges


All partners are licensed and respect KYC-AML (know your customer / anti money laundering) measures

The Cheapest

On average 86% less fees than the global average cost

The Blockchain Network

Why ?

We believe that the blockchain world should be easier and simpler. We believe that everyone should be able to get access to the blockchain technology outcomes.

  • Create a platform to translate to people

  • Bring an easy access to the technology outcomes

Who ?

Moneytis connects partners together.

Partners are cryptocurrency exchanges who are licensed in their countries.

The Blockchain Network
The Blockchain Network

Blockchain vs Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc...)

The Blockchain Network is an agnostic network which uses the most efficient cryptocurrencies to perform cheap and reliable transfers.
The Blockchain technology is the technology behind more than 600 cryptocurrencies

  • Tracability

    The money can be traced at any moment thanks to the blockchain technology

  • Delay

    Count a few days. Transfers will become instant but the transaction delays currently depend on bank technologies...

How it works ?

To do a transaction: The Blockchain Network is featured on search for the currency couple you need and see whether it’s available.
Then make a transaction in a few clicks, define the recipient and simply send money.

How the transfer is processed: the blockchain network partners simply exchange FIAT- and crypto-currencies between countries in a few minutes and with small fees.

You are a corporate, an investor, a bank, a payment platform and you want to work with The Blockchain Network ?

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